Debra Fotheringham MP3 Album
Debra Fotheringham

Debra Fotheringham's singular acoustic style incorporates the rhythmic sensibilities of jazz with smooth vocal precision. Her self-reflective lyrics resonate deeply, exhibiting a maturity that speaks to the human condition. From the wanderlust of "Across Oceans," to the ineffable nature of language in "Eloquence," and the percussive explosion of "Fire," Debra explores a wide range of emotions through her poetry and music. Backed by standup bass and brushes-with highlights of djembe, vibes, fiddle, and keys-songs such as "Temporary," "Build Me a Road," and "Waiting," lay bare the graceful artistry of her versatile voice and lyrical dexterity.

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Temporary $0.99
Across Oceans $0.99
Build Me A Road $0.99
Waterfall $0.99
Eloquence $0.99
Tattered Crown $0.99
Summer Rain $0.99
Waiting $0.99
Fire $0.99
You Are Truth $0.99