EFY 2011: Believe. Hope. Endure. (minus tracks) Accompaniment Album
Various Artists

Every year, the Especially For Youth CD ranks among the most popular albums among LDS listeners. This year's album, Believe Hope Endure, is no exception. It's filled with music that speaks to teens and helps them better understand important gospel me

Name Price
We Believe (no lead vocal) $0.99
We Believe (instrumental) $0.99
Love Comes Back (no lead vocal) $0.99
Love Comes Back (instrumental) $0.99
The One (no lead vocal) $0.99
The One (instrumental) $0.99
Hold On (no lead vocal) $0.99
Hold On (instrumental) $0.99
What Faith Can Do (no lead vocal) $0.99
What Faith Can Do (instrumental) $0.99
He Knows Me Better (no lead vocal) $0.99
He Knows Me Better (instrumental) $0.99
No Regrets (no lead vocal) $0.99
No Regrets (instrumental) $0.99
Hard to Doubt (no lead vocal) $0.99
Hard to Doubt (instrumental) $0.99
Hallelujah (no lead vocal) $0.99
Hallelujah (instrumental) $0.99
Come to the Mountain (no lead vocal) $0.99
Come to the Mountain (instrumental) $0.99
I Know That My Redeemer Lives (no lead vocal) $0.99
I Know That My Redeemer Lives (instrumental) $0.99
Take It Home (no lead vocal) $0.99
Take It Home (instrumental) $0.99