EFY 2010: Courage to Stand Strong (minus tracks) Accompaniment Album
Various Artists

Here is the always anticipated music from this year's EFY, supporting the theme "Be strong and of a good courage" from Joshua 1:9. Great new music from Stephanie Mabey, Russ Dixon, and Daniel Beck, among others, will energize you on one front and bri

Name Price
Courage to Stand Strong (instrumental) $0.99
Courage to Stand Strong (no lead) $0.99
Walking in Sunlight (instrumental) $0.99
Walking in Sunlight (no lead) $0.99
Every Word (instrumental) $0.99
Every Word (no lead) $0.99
Let It Begin (instrumental) $0.99
Wait for It (instrumental) $0.99
Lord I Would Follow Thee (instrumental) $0.99
Lord I Would Follow Thee (no lead) $0.99
I Am His Daughter (instrumental) $0.99
I Am His Daughter (no lead) $0.99
Duty to God (instrumental) $0.99
Treasure the Truth (instrumental) $0.99
Let Us All Press On (instrumental) $0.99
I Will Not Be Still (instrumental) $0.99