EFY 2014: Anxiously Engaged Accompaniment Album
Various Artists

Every year, the Especially For Youth CD is one of the most popular albums in the LDS music industry. This year’s album, Anxiously Engaged, is no exception - filled with music that speaks to teens and helps them better understand important gospel messages as they discover their own testimonies at this important time in their lives.


Teens (and their families) will love this new contemporary CD of uplifting music that offers inspiration for every day of the week. Anxiously Engaged is sure to make a great gift with songs performed by artists popular to the youth such as Nik Day, Beyond 5, Scott Krippayne, and Nicole Sheahan, and featuring newcomers Patch Crowe and Laken Quigley.


We’re sure you or your teenager will find Anxiously Engaged, a favorite in your EFY collection!


Name Price
Anxiously Engaged (instrumental) $0.99
Anxiously Engaged (no lead vocal) $0.99
Solid Ground (instrumental) $0.99
Solid Ground (no lead vocal) $0.99
I Am Enough (instrumental) $0.99
I Am Enough (no lead vocal) $0.99
All I Need to Know (instrumental) $0.99
All I Need to Know (no lead vocal) $0.99
Silver Lining (instrumental) $0.99
Silver Lining (no lead vocal) $0.99
Right Where I Belong (instrumental) $0.99
Right Where I Belong (no lead vocal) $0.99
Not the Only One (instrumental) $0.99
Not the Only One (no lead vocal) $0.99
I Need Thee Every Hour (instrumental) $0.99
I Need Thee Every Hour (no lead vocal) $0.99
Just How I Am (instrumental) $0.99
Just How I Am (no lead vocal) $0.99
Listen (instrumental) $0.99
Sun's Gonna Rise (instrumental) $0.99
Sun's Gonna Rise (no lead vocal) $0.99
When I Go (instrumental) $0.99