EFY 2010: Courage to Stand Strong PDF Songbook
Various Artists

Here's the much loved music from EFY 2010, supporting the theme "Be strong and of a good courage" from Joshua 1:9. Great music from Stephanie Mabey, Russ Dixon, and Daniel Beck, among others, will energize you on one front and bring peace on another. From anthems like "Duty to God" and "Let Us All Press On" to heartfelt songs of encouragement like "Let It Begin," celebrate youth and the "Courage to Stand Strong" with this great album.

Name Price
Courage to Stand Strong $2.95
Walking in Sunlight $2.95
Every Word $2.95
Let it Begin $2.95
Wait for It $2.95
Lord, I Would Follow Thee $2.95
I Am His Daughter $2.95
Duty to God $2.95
Treasure the Truth $2.95
Let Us All Press On $2.95
I Will Not Be Still $2.95
Arrival $2.95