Chapters of my Heart MP3 Album
Nicole Sheahan

Nicole Sheahan, perhaps best known for her silky lead vocal on the EFY classic “I Am His Daughter,” is back with an introspective 5-song EP that looks inward without getting weighed down for a second. The collection is a distinctive blend of acoustic instruments - guitar, piano, even banjo - and electronic dance pop elements, and the result is a wind-in-your-hair, heart-racing sound that never loses momentum. On the title track, Sheahan exhibits an ability to be both lively and thoughtful, both dynamic and pensive, and this knack for turning inward without losing a sense of movement, defines the entire release. Throughout the EP, Sheahan’s sometimes full-bodied, sometimes whispery vocals address heartbreak and triumph, doubt and euphoria, with the same sense of exhilaration. And it’s this willingness to be fascinated by both grief and glee that end up at the core of “Chapters of My Heart.”

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Chapters of my Heart $0.99
Crush $0.99
The Man I Thought You Were $0.99
Anymore $0.99
Get Back Up Again $0.99
Chapters of my Heart (Acoustic) $0.99